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25 years of World-Class Well Testing Services

Flare Energy Services offers portable surface equipment manned by professional crews enabling around the clock well monitoring. We use 3-phase separators, sand separators, choke manifolds and all necessary lines and fittings to test the oil, gas, and water production and to remove fluids and solids from the stream in order to make a well productive as quickly as possible. These testing methods enable us to provide our clients with the amount of oil, natural gas and/or gas lift, and production of the well(s).

Satellite & Cellular

Flare uses both satellite communications systems and cellular communications. We are available 24 hours a day.

Available 24/7

Flare is available via phone 24 hours a day and has the ability to have crews onsite 24 hours a day for anything the client may need.

Production Reporting

Each site has its own computerized reporting system for creating each clients customized production reports.

Cost Effective

Our refined Well Testing process is the most cost effective alternative to flaring/venting into the atmosphere.

Safety Assured

It’s our policy to manage & conduct operations in a manner that offers complete protection to any and all involved.

Real Time Information

With real-time information our clients can actively review & analyize this info to maintain or enhance production of the wellbore.

Dynamic Flowline Safety Restraint System

Flare Energy Services proudly offers our clients access to utilize a Dynamic Flowline Safety Restraint System on jobs in the event of a catastrophic line rupture. These restraints are high strength synthetic loops with the ability to stretch under severe loads, and dissipate the dynamic force released during a rupture. This system is intended to contain any projectiles as a result of a high pressure pipe separation, and minimize the “lethal zone”The typical jobs that benefit from utilizing this system include:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Cementing/Acidizing
  • Choke Manifolds
  • Energized Fluids
  • Any application involving pressurized fluids

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Protect & Save Lives

Flare’s Flowline Safety Restraint System saves lives and needs to be an integral part of any high pressure fluid operation.

Minimize the Threat

Flare’s high strength synthetic restraints dissipate the dynamic force released during a rupture minimizing the “lethal zone”.

Complete Lock Down

The flowline is connected in intervals to a load bearing line that is laid out next to the flowline, and anchored to secured points.

Investments Secured

Our refined Flowline Restraint System provides peace of mind knowing your people, property, and livelihood are in good hands.

Safety First

It’s our policy to manage & conduct operations in a manner that offers complete protection to any and all involved.

Adjustable to Needs

Safety Restraints run not only from the pressure trucks to the well head, but from the wellhead to the diffuser during fluid recovery.

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